The Wealth of Sound

Close your eyes and see

Many people don’t realize it in everyday life, but our ability to hear is much more advanced and complex than our vision. We can blindly recognize a single voice within
thousands, we can locate a dropping coin with closed eyes, we can tell the model of a car passing outside, including the condition of its engine. In a simple experiment, normal people can learn to point at the picture frames hanging on a wall in a completely dark room – after clapping their hands and listening to the echo. We can hear noises, tones, timbres, echoes, rhythms, dynamics, paces and textures to an extent that sometimes even can become a burden. Yet the opposite side of the medal is our ability to enjoy sounds, especially the sound of music, in incredible richness. When people travel to the ocean, they can see it in real, but the overwhelming part of the experience is the sound of the breaking waves. Once a violinist becomes a world class virtuoso, his or her performance would be incomplete without a Stradivari or Guarneri. The world’s leading concert halls would hardly consider anything else than a Steinway D as their permanent piano. The biggest single cultural investment the City of Hamburg ever made is its ultra sophisticated concert hall, the magnificent Elbphilharmonie. When it comes to the wealth of listening, no effort is too great.

Let Sound Enrich Your Life

The Underestimated Treasure

Technology today allows us to recreate the finest of sounds in our home, in all aspects, and practically without loss when it comes to modern high end audio equipment. With some investment, we can experience the whole universe of sound within the comfort of our home. And it is this comfort that can even enhance the aural experience in comparison to a live performance. When too many things distract or stress us in a life concert (including poor acoustics), they can outweigh the live athmosphere and spoil the experience. The listening experience at home is not only pure, it takes place where it is needed: integrated into our daily life, enhancing every single day of it. The vast availability of fine recordings and great performances represents a treasure trove of choices for every taste and mood – and for discovery journeys into the world of music. Unlike anything else, music wakes us up and picks us up, opens our spirit, enhances our mood, soothes and relaxes us, thrills and touches us, and moves us – also literally, making us dance. Fine sound, especially in the form of music, has the ability to touch our inner core directly. Good sound is essential.

Technology meets Craft

The Art of Audio

Considering the invaluable potential of fine sound at home, it is no surprise that high end audio has become a cult. Fortunes have been invested in pursuit of the best possible sound, endless combinations of components have been tried for beneficial synergy, and – most of all – competing dogmata about the secrets of the perfect sound have emerged, mostly related to the many aspects of sound reproduction that cannot be explained in science textbooks. (Like the secrets of Stradivari’s instruments.) Fact is, that in the ‚high end’ sphere of audio technology every bit and piece within the audio chain does make a difference. However, it does not mean that the perfect system requires only ‚perfect’ pieces, or that a chain of perfect components makes a perfect system. The truth is in between: for a perfect sound some highest grade components cannot be substituted, others simply have to fulfill specifications, but in any case the audio chain from the power supply via the signal processing and path via the amplification up to the loudspeaker and its enclosure has to be a bottleneck free, perfectly tuned, synergistic system – ideally a wholistic system that embraces every component, including the listening room. All Lyravox systems fall under this category. Creating such a system is a completely different art than making perfect individual audio components. We say art, because science and craft alone are not sufficient to master the diverse subtle aspects of the creation of an ideally functioning audio system.

Life compatible Audiophonics

Aural Magic for Real Life

To be a life quality enhancer, an audio system needs to be an integral part of life. Located in the center of the home, and readily available upon the push of a button. Or even better: filling the whole living space with a defined stereo image instead of pinpointing to a stereo triangle. Allowing direct control of all functions through the buttons of a genuine remote control, not having to start and enter a smartphone app. Integrating itself into the living space without visible cables, matching and complementing the style of the interior. Adapting to the room acoustics through room adjustment options. Offering all contemporary audio sources and functions as integrated features, adding new services in the course of automatic firmware updates. Being up to date in terms of high resolution audio streaming, the perfect combination of quality and availability. Allowing multiroom setups, network integration, and smart home connectivity. Enhancing TV sets or beamers with powerful, movie suited sound. We believe High End audio is pointless when it doesn’t integrate into your life. As of today, the Lyravox product range offers the most consequent combination of high end sound quality and seamless lifestyle integration.