A Simple Mission

The Re-Formation of Audio

It is time for a reformation in Audio: in the way we ‚consume’ music, in the reproduction quality we demand, and in the way we integrate sophisticated audio systems into our lives and homes. It is Lyravox’ mission to adress all these aspects in one approach, the wholistic audio system design. We want music to be a rich source of pleasure and inspiration in your life, to go deep under your skin whatever mood you’re in, and the system conveying it to be a natural centerpiece of your home. The fusion of exquisite acoustics, fine craft, and modern technology enables us to create audiopieces which are both objects of character and portals to the incredible beauty and richness of mankind’s oldest and most precious culture: music.

„Sometimes I listen to music for hours, forgetting myself completely.“

Daniel Lange, Incidental Lyravox Adopter & Music Re-Discoverer

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