The Lyravox Family

High End, Holistic,
Home Friendly, HANDMADE

Regardless of their shape or size, all Lyravox systems follow the same principle: employ the best possible speaker drivers for the purpose, build a lossless, perfectly tuned audio chain and cabinet around them, and form a system that seamlessly integrates into the life of its owner aesthetically, functionally, and physically. No other audio system integrates reference audio quality, convenient functionality, interior friendliness and fine craft cabinetry like a Lyravox system. There is no more excuse to forego the thrill and pleasure of uncompromising home audio.

The Streaming Revolution

A Music Lover´s Paradise

One reason to re-consider high fidelity is the readiness of online audio streaming on demand. We can now virtually have the world’s largest record collection at home, and it does not consume any space. The sound quality of today’s prime streaming services is on par with that of the CD (16 bit) or even higher (24 bit) for premium subscriptions. All Lyravox systems are equipped with a high end audio streamer that incorporates both TIDAL® and Qobuz® as the two best sounding streaming services. But even though one of these services might be the only source a music lover ever needs anymore, the Lyravox streamer also offers high quality internet radio, home network streaming, USB replay, Bluetooth aptX®, digital and analog inputs, and – in case of the Stereomaster range – an integrated high end CD drive.

True Convenience

Fingertip operated, finally

An audio system should not be more complicated to use than a TV set. Despite their vast functionality, this holds true for Lyravox audio systems, thanks to their RF remote control with colour screen. It allows direct push-button control of most functions, which gives a Lyravox system maximum convenience – especially compared to systems relying on smartphone apps only. In everyday life, this makes a big difference. Only when it comes to complex searches, playlist management or getting background information on a track, the Lyravox Remote App for iOS® and Android® is in advantage. Either form of control is possible, even simultaneously, and both the remote control and the Lyravox Remote App can control multiple Lyravox devices in a multiroom setup.

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