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Product premiere by Lyravox at the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage: Fully integrated high-end floor-standing speakers KARL and KARLOTTA

Hamburg, February 3rd, 2017 – ‘High-End In A New Shape’ is the guiding principle that Lyravox adheres to when developing high-end stereo systems. With the Stereomaster series, the manufacture, located in the music metropolis Hamburg, revolutionised the experience of high-resolution audio. At the renowned convention Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage, a new holistic creation has its world premiere: KARL and KARLOTTA are the first active, fully integrated floor-standing speakers by Lyravox. No less than eight Pascal® power amplifiers are used to bring the superb ensemble of Accuton® Cell® ceramic drivers at the heart of KARL to life. KARLOTTA is equipped with six power amplifiers. This means that the two systems set a new standard: They are not only the first fully integrated full-size audio systems in the world, they also define a new class of audiophile floor-standing speakers. Like the Stereomaster systems, KARL and KARLOTTA feature extensive streaming options, offering high-resolution playback via the home network – both from mobile devices and streaming services.

Holistic stereophony for perfect acoustics

Lyravox is known for holistic stereophony that creates perfect acoustics. While they look just like floor-standing speakers, KARL and KARLOTTA are in fact complete audio systems. In addition to their active electronics, including eight Pascal® power amplifiers (six for KARLOTTA), delivering 500 watts each, and eight individually powered signal channels with high-resolution digital frequency separation, distortion correction and delay correction using FIR technology, KARL and KARLOTTA also feature built-in streaming technology. Not only is streaming today’s highest-quality audio source, integrating it into the closed system also offers technological advantages.

Unique, high-resolution sound thanks to ceramic membranes

Lyravox does not use technology for its own sake, the ultimate goal is the resulting sound. All Lyravox products are created for one purpose: To deliver a breath-taking musical experience. It has to be completely true to the original performance in terms of spatial imaging, tone, accuracy, texture, timbre, dynamics, timing, uniformity and most importantly, the “voice” of the music. Each new development starts with a clearly defined ideal for the perfect sound as well as the knowledge concerning the technologies that are necessary to achieve certain criteria. With the introduction of the modern ceramic membrane, the construction of speakers reached completely new levels in terms audiophile excellence. Now, Lyravox is the first to combine this technological potential with the advantages of a completely active speaker of the latest generation that is controlled fully digital.

Perfect integration of streaming, from home network to TIDAL to Bluetooth apt-X®

High-end has many new variants since music comes from many different sources these days: With high resolution from the home network, via the internet or simply from a smartphone. Lyravox has the answer to all these requirements. Thanks to the Lyravox streamer, KARL and KARLOTTA offer network streaming with double studio quality (24 bit / 192 kHz) as well as internet streaming via TIDAL® und Qobuz®. In addition to support for home networks, an internet radio tuner of the latest generation is integrated as well. Using apt-X®, KARL and KARLOTTA can also receive uncompressed tracks via Bluetooth – for example from smartphone or tablet.

Direct connection for analogue and digital sources

Besides well thought out streaming features, KARL and KARLOTTA also offer a number of digital and analogue inputs for high-end sources. From high-resolution SACD players to exquisite record players, all preferred external sources can be connected directly. A USB port is available as well, allowing playback from USB memory devices.

Intuitive control via app and remote control with colour display

Even though KARL and KARLOTTA offer a great variety of functions, the operation is holistic and intuitive: Both systems come with the Lyravox remote control that features a high-resolution colour display. Sources and tracks can be selected quickly and easily. In addition, the Lyravox Remote app is available for free both for iOS® and Android®. It offers the same functionality and is perfectly tailored to mobile devices.

Crafted by hand in the music metropolis Hamburg

Of course, a system such as KARL or KARLOTTA demands to be crafted individually by hand. This is done from start to finish in the music metropolis Hamburg. In addition to the KARL Signature Look with pure white nanocoating, there are unlimited options available to design the surfaces individually. The acoustic adjustments of KARL and KARLOTTA for different rooms are also done individually – not by automated systems or apps, but by Lyravox trained professionals. KARL was developed to be used in rooms from 30 to 120 square metres, KARLOTTA for 25 to 75 square metres.

World premiere at the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage

KARL and KARLOTTA will have their world premiere at the renowned convention Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage in Hamburg from 4th to 5th February 2017.

New Lyravox products at High End 2016: Small Stereomaster SM3, new version of the flagship model SM2-200 and exclusive unveiling

Hamburg, May 6, 2015 – A new form of high-end – that is what Lyravox set out to create in 2014, aiming to redefine the audiophile music experience. A uniquely designed cabinet, crafted meticulously by hand, combines all the elements that define high-end audio: Excellent drivers and high-resolution amplifiers work in concert with high-res streaming functionality (home network, USB, Bluetooth aptX, Web: Tidal, Deezer) and an audiophile CD player. At the High End 2016 convention, Lyravox presents its newest products: With the Stereomaster SM2-200 mkII, the Hamburg-based manufacturer shows a new generation of its large unicabinet system in hall 2, booth G13. The brand-new SM3 is a smaller version that defines a new category of fully integrated high-end audio thanks to its ground-breaking design in terms of both sound and visual appearance. On the first day of the convention, Lyravox will also unveil another new product: The Stereomaster Trio.

Stereomaster SM2-200 mkII – the first appearance of a new generation 

The acclaimed large Stereomaster does not only draw attention due to its spectacular sound and unique design – the extensive options to create an individual style with different woods and colours are unparalleled in the world of high-end audio. The new model SM2-200 mkII is based on those qualities, achieving more volume with nearly the same dimension, offering an even more masterful cabinet for the new speakers that are used. The Stereomaster SM2-200 mkII is exquisitely equipped: In addition to a duo of the world’s longest stroke 8“ high-end woofer (in closed baffle configuration) and the legendary Scan Speak® 18M, known as the world’s best human voice renderer, two all-new Scan Speak® beryllium tweeters have been added to the ensemble. For rich, powerful and detailed sound, the SM2-200 mkII features an octa-amped digital/active design with eight internal audio channels. This allows for seamless, fully matched audio reproduction that will take the audience’s breath away. With its multi-channel stereo projection, the Stereomaster will create an experience as intense and unique as a live concert – no matter what kind of music is played.

Stereomaster SM3 – the world premiere of a new size class

With the SM3-150, Lyravox created a new size class for all-in-one high-end systems: Despite its small dimensions with a total width of just 148 cm, the new Stereomaster delivers an unbelievable dimension of sound. This is achieved through the 12 built-in speakers that are powered by advanced Pascal amplifiers. Just as its bigger counterpart, the Stereomaster SM3 relies on a Direct Reflecting concept that uses the whole room to create a unique musical experience that turns any sound source into an unforgettable audio event. High-resolution music is projected with transparent quality thanks to the Scan Speak Illuminator tweeters while the overall musicality offers pure enjoyment even with everyday music. The four 18cm long-stroke woofers give audio from TV or Blu-ray player unmatched dynamics and richness. The SM3 features the same functionality and options for individualisation as the large version: Even for the basic model, five colours, four veneers and three kinds of metal are available. More coatings and materials are offered at a premium, up to the virtually unlimited options of the Lyravox Custom Craft programme.

Spectacular unveiling of the new Stereomaster Trio

Lyravox starts the convention in Munich with the introduction of a spectacular new product that is unveiled on the first day by the passionate team of developers around Dr. Götz von Laffert and Jens Wietschorke: The Stereomaster Trio is rooted in the tradition of the all-in-one Lyravox systems, but offers a new take on it as three-part ensemble. This ground-breaking concept is based on the new Stereomaster SM3 and consists of a unit containing the technology as well as two speakers that can be installed side-by-side just like the classic Stereomaster, creating one system with seamless design. In addition, all three components can be placed flexibly in the room, bridging the gap between traditional high-end HiFi and the Lyravox unicabinet philosophy.

Created for audiophile music-lovers in a modern world

Lyravox firmly believes that high-end audio and a modern lifestyle go hand in hand: Audiophile enjoyment of music has to be convenient, suitable for the contemporary home and fully connected. It also has to offer the full musical experience to users who are not overly tech-savvy. That is why Lyravox combines audiophile technology with intuitive operation and extensive functionality. For example, all Stereomaster models are equipped with a native TEAC CD player that is nearly invisible thanks to the slot-in design. In addition, audio files (including high-res media) can be played back via home network, Internet (Tidal, Deezer), Bluetooth (aptX®) or connected external sources. All Stereomaster systems can be operated either with the Lyravox app for smartphone and tablet or conveniently with the intuitive remote control featuring a colour display.

Sound in its most perfect form: HiFi manufacturer Lyravox presents the ‘All In One’ high-end audio system Stereomaster

High-end enjoyment of music, perfected in form and function: Hamburg-based HiFi manufacturer Lyravox presents the Stereomaster series – a unique, fully integrated audio system that pleases the eye as well as the ear. Select components, finest materials and an intuitive operating concept bring to life music from CD, the connected home or the internet like never before.

Hamburg, May 2014 – Clean, straightforward lines or lavishly embellished in the vein of Art Deco: The Lyravox Stereomaster comes in many different shapes. But all of them share the same perfect finish of finest woods and elaborately worked metals. The wall-mounted design creates a very special impression: Completely cable-free, the Stereomaster presents itself as an audio masterpiece in the room.

Enjoy music from every source

Nowadays, music comes in many forms: It can be played from CD, smartphone, home network, USB flash drive, an internet radio station or an online streaming service. The Lyravox Stereo Master combines all these sources for a unique musical experience without compromise. In addition to traditional formats, it can also handle modern high-resolution audio.

Unique, audiophile sound

The Lyravox Stereomaster features a unique, audiophile sound that is based on its perfectly matched components: Up to 12 carefully selected high-end chassis combined with premium amplification technology recreate music the way it was intended to sound. The supreme design omits lossy conversions and retains the quality of the signal. Meticulous adjustments through precise measurements and extensive listening tests provide a detailed and nuanced experience. Enjoy music at home in a new dimension!

Single piece or multi-room

Lyravox has created the Stereomaster to be unique – every single system is a statement for the individuality of music. If desired, the powerful drivers create the intense volume of a concert performance to fill even large rooms with magnificent sound. At the same time, many people wish to connect their audio systems at home to enjoy music in perfect quality within every room. To achieve this, Lyravox has designed the Stereomaster in such a way that several systems in a building can be linked: At the push of a button, all models are combined into a single, unique multi-room system.

Intuitive control via app

Lyravox has designed the Stereomaster with a classy and elegant outward appearance that directs attention to the fine materials and lavish inlays. The controls on the audio system itself are kept at a minimum, a radio remote control with colour display provides convenient operation and grants access to every feature of the system. It is also possible to control the Stereomaster via smartphone or tablet-PC using an app that will be available for Apple iOS and Android.

Hand-crafted in Germany

To create unique audio systems that offer long-lasting joy, Lyravox crafts every Stereomaster by hand. Each model is the result of hundreds of hours of dedicated work. The unique architecture of the Hamburg-based manufactory provides the perfect backdrop for this display of craftsmanship. Here, every single component is selected by experienced artisans and extensively tested before being fitted into one of the audio systems.

Every model is unique

At Lyravox, the customer’s desire for a custom-made high-end audio system is the top priority. Because each model is crafted by hand, nearly every component can be individually modified during the manufacturing process. From colour and material to the working of the inlays, everything can be matched perfectly to the existing interior design of the customer’s home. Because of this level of individuality, every Stereomaster that leaves the Hamburg-based manufactory is unique.

Models and availabilty

Three different models of the Lyravox Stereomaster are available with a width of 140 cm, 170 cm or 200 cm. In addition to the versions designed by Lyravox, extensive individualisation regarding colours, surfaces and veneers is possible. Lyravox plans to launch the Stereomaster in October 2014. The high-end audio system will be available worldwide through chosen HiFi dealerships as well as high-class interior design stores.

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