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KARL has opened a new chapter for high end audio. A fullsize speaker with the most advanced drivers available today, each of them directly driven by a breakthrough power amplifier, seamlessly merged into a perfectly coherent system by a high resolution DSP. The concept of KARL is based on the conviction that the current generation of Accuton® ceramic and diamond drivers are capable to deliver more musical information than traditional drivers, but only when directly driven and DSP-controlled. DSP is not only the key to unleash the full potential of ceramic drivers, it is also the superior form of crossover/time alignment/equalisation in a loudspeaker – leaving aside the option of speaker room adaption. The concept would not be possible without class D amplification that is on par with or superior to traditional high end amplification. The latest generation of class D fulfills this requirement, coupled with formerly unexperienced driver control, dynamics, low noise, efficiency and reliability. The sonic result, representing the best of several worlds of audiophile preferences, marked a leapfrog for high end audio and pathed the way for a whole new generation of ultra fidelity audio systems. MK III of KARL adds Lyravox‘ H-Skeleton internal cabinet bracing made of K-Material, our new mineral stone material, for considerably diminished cabinet resonance. More obvious as a change is the now curved profile of KARL, providing an improved sonic focus towards the listener. Along with this the crossover setup has been redeveloped in favor of improved transparency, sound staging, and bass dynamics / control. These progresses have made KARL fit to keep the pole position of its weight class, still at a fraction of the price tag of competing concepts.

„IF this is what digital audio is to look like in the 21st century, we are at home…“

Wojciech pacula, editor, high fidelity.pl magazine

Cabinetry, re-engineered

Finally, a new shape

Thanks to KARL, the reign of the narrow but deep floorstanding loudspeaker enclosure is also ending. While much easier to position within the room, the wide front/shallow depth profile of KARL also has several sonic advantages, especially in terms of conveying convincing dynamics and reproducing large acoustic images. The edge diffractions and resulting phantom sound sources of the multi-segment body are being incorporated into the overall active/digital projection of KARL, which also includes an active diffuse field behind the speakers. Another example of a perfect acoustic cabinet layout is the resulting bass impulse momentum on KARL’s enclosure: it is exactly zero thanks to a complete impulse compensation between the three front bass drivers and the backside subwoofer.


As one of the major technical advances in audio, the direct amplification of a speaker driver eliminates distortions, phase shifts and decoupling caused by traditional passive crossover networks. In combination with DSP processing, not only a more exact crossover is possible, but also perfect time and phase alignments, more refined equalisation, dynamics-dependent corrections, and room-dependent corrections.


In order to achieve the ideal of a lossless audio chain, Lyravox integrates a multi-input preamplifier into its systems. The direct integration avoids sonic bottlenecks, improving the overall sound quality. The two analogue (balanced, unbalanced) and three digital (AES, SPDIF, optical) input interfaces allow the connection of all types of high end audio sources. The direct linking of digital streamers or music servers represents the most direct audio chain without unnecessary components in the way. Analogue sources can also feed directly into the speakers, forming a signal path superior to any external pre-amplifier solution. All functions are remote controlled.


The physical ideal of a speaker driver is that of a perfect piston, moving air without internal vibrations. This ideal is only achievable with ultra hard diaphragms such as beryllium, magnesium, ceramic, or even diamond. The most consequent and advanced designs in this field are the latest generation drivers by acclaimed German specialist Accuton® . Many of the world’s most sophisticated loudspeakers are relying on these drivers, and so do KARL III and KARLOTTA. The upgrade variants KARL D. and KARLOTTA D. are equipped with solid diamond diaphragm tweeters, representing the final diaphragm material available on earth. In contrast to most other manufacturers, Lyravox employs digital/active engines to fully exploit the potential of the high-tech Accuton® drivers.


In a real-life music performance, the sonic waves of musical instruments are being dispersed in all directions, not only towards the listener. The dispersion of traditional loudspeakers with front drivers is therefore not fully representative of real music. All Lyravox systems are equipped with additional drivers for the projection of the ‚ambient’ part of the music, partly through individual DSP-controlled channels.


A large part of a loudspeaker’s quality is determined by its enclosure. All Lyravox systems are built to proven high end standards, applying to the choice and combination of the cabinet materials, cabinet geometry, internal bracing, finely tuned damping, internal absorbers (for the minimization of electronic corrections), internal sound and pressure dispersion, midrange cabinet ventilation, reflex channel optimization, external diffraction and optimal wall or floor coupling.


In favour of both aesthetics and acoustics, the speaker cabinet is coupled to the floor through a baseplate made of acoustically optimised technical stone. The extra weight of the baseplate improves the overall stability of the cabinet and the weight distribution within the speaker. Our specially formulated artificial stone has ideal acoustic properties, combining hardness with internal damping, making it the ideal interface between cabinet and floor.


Analog Balanced (XLR)

Analog RCA (Cinch)

Digital AES / EBU

Digital SPDIF (Coax)

Digital Optical

Automatic Source Selection by Auto-Detect

Automatic Wake up / Sleep


Solid Aluminum Infrared Remote Control

Standby / Mute / Volume / Source / Sound Preset


Accuton® Cell® Diamond BD25 25 mm Tweeter

Accuton® 4D C168 Ceramic 7“ Midrange

3 x Accuton® C173 7“ Midbass

ScanSpeak® 30W Aluminum 12“ Subwoofer

Topfiring Ambience Tweeter AMT50


10 Power Amps CLASS D 4th Gen. NCORE®, 2400 W Total Power (per pair)


Quadruple Hi-Res DSP-Preamp Module


52 x 160 x 23 cm (W x H x D)
Base Plate 46 cm deep




40 – 120 mRoom Size

 Finished in Brilliant Interior White Ultrasmooth Matte
High End Nano Coating (NCS-S 0500N).
Any other colour/finish available upon request.

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