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€ 12.800,- / Pair
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KARLOS may be the most compact representative of Lyravox‘ K-series, nevertheless he is an audiophile giant of his own. Designed to be the ultimate 2-way system, he has some superlative sonic properties. The extra large 10“ aluminum midwoofer not only renders ‚cinematographic‘ acoustical pictures, it transports an immediacy and intimacy very few audio systems on the planet are capable of. Compared to the best traditional large cone speakers (typically high efficiency paper or sandwich cones), KARLOS’ aluminum driver adds an extra portion of resolution and articulation, while staying closer to the recording with less coloration and a clearer voice. Bass performance also profits from the stiffer material. The secret of this driver are its outstandingly low mechanical losses, the often overlooked main feature of a whole generation of postwar alnico driver legends, delivering microdynamics without match. Yet it is the tweeter that sets KARLOS apart. Designed and produced specifically for Lyravox by ceramic driver pioneer Accuton, the 30 mm inverted ceramic dome tweeter with neodymium drive perfectly matches KARLOS‘ midwoofer in terms of frequency extension, dynamics, and sonic properties. Coupled to a waveguide, this acoustic gem seamlessly melts into the woofer’s frequency range, taking full advantage of the latest DSP technology. The latter adds a further audiophile quantum leap to the system by removing the lossy physical crossover and by introducing time alignment, room EQ and direct amp coupling to this fascinating breed of loudspeaker. As the icing on the cake, a top firing AMT auxiliary tweeter adds ambiance, extends the listening area and enlarges the sound stage. The result is one of the most involving musical presentations possible, both at whisper and at brutal concert levels, both for classical and for hard rock music, both for old and for new recordings. KARLOS challenges any audiophile single driver/2-way system currently existing.

„…A Cinematographic experience…“

Andreas Günther, AUDIO MAGAZINE


As one of the major technical advances in audio, the direct amplification of a speaker driver eliminates distortions, phase shifts and decoupling caused by traditional passive crossover networks. In combination with DSP processing, not only a more exact crossover is possible, but also perfect time and phase alignments, more refined equalisation, dynamics-dependent corrections, and room-dependent corrections.


The physical ideal of a speaker driver is that of a perfect piston, moving air without internal vibrations. This ideal is only achievable with ultra hard diaphragms such as beryllium, magnesium, ceramic, or even diamond. The most consequent and advanced designs in this field are the latest generation drivers by acclaimed German specialist Accuton® . Many of the world’s most sophisticated loudspeakers are relying on these drivers, and so does Lyravox´K-Series. In contrast to all other manufacturers, Lyravox employs digital/active engines to fully exploit the potential of the high-tech Accuton® drivers.


In a real-life music performance, the sonic waves of musical instruments are being dispersed in all directions, not only towards the listener. The dispersion of traditional loudspeakers with front drivers is therefore not fully representative of real music. All Lyravox systems are equipped with additional drivers for the projection of the ‚ambient’ part of the music, partly through individual DSP-controlled channels.


A large part of a loudspeaker’s quality is determined by its enclosure. All Lyravox systems are built to proven high end standards, applying to the choice and combination of the cabinet materials, cabinet geometry, internal bracing, finely tuned damping, internal absorbers (for the minimization of electronic corrections), internal sound and pressure dispersion, midrange cabinet ventilation, reflex channel optimization, external diffraction and optimal wall or floor coupling.


One of the most relevant factors of sound quality is the interaction of a loudspeaker with the surrounding room. In the absence of serious physical acoustic room treatment – as in a recording studio – the performance of an audio system is a question of luck, and never optimal. For best results, a matching of the system’s frequency response with the room’s acoustic behaviour is mandatory. This requires the system to be adjustable through a parametric (fully configurable) EQ. In the Lyravox systems, that EQ is implemented losslessly within the DSP, as an overlay of the default digital sound settings – not in an additional stage of signal processing. Given the high level of the systems’ reproduction quality, the room adaptation EQ needs to be set in a process of professional measurement and knowledgeable listening, which is a free Lyravox service in most countries.


Analog Balanced (XLR)

Analog RCA (Cinch)

Digital AES / EBU

Digital SPDIF (Coax)

Digital Optical

Automatic Source Selection by Auto-Detect

Automatic Wake up / Sleep



Solid Aluminum Infrared Remote Control

Standby / Mute / Volume / Source / Sound Preset


Tweeter Accuton® for Lyravox® Ceramic 30 mm

Midwoofer ScanSpeak® 26W Aluminum 10“ (modified)

Topfiring Ambience Tweeter AMT50


4 Power Amps CLASS D 4th Gen., 1000 W Total Power (per pair)


Dual Hi-Res DSP-Preamp Module


40 x 70 x 18,5 cm (W x H x D)
with Stand: 40 x 87,5 x 37 cm


22 kg


20 – 50 mroom size

Finished in Brilliant Interior White

Ultrasmooth Matte Coating (NCS-S 0500N).

Any other colour/finish available upon request.

„I had Karlos designed
as my personal dream incarnation
of the magical large cone speaker.“

Dr. Götz von Laffert, CO-FOUNDER OF LYRAVOX

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